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“I’m not a writer,” he said, “not a real one.  If I were a real writer I could pour whiskey in one end and shit novels out the other.”  From the diary of Ray Travis.

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I almost cut my hair

I thought about cutting my hair and beard, but that would be unfair to all the fans I don’t have yet. Addendum: As a gift to my wife upon her return from a trip in April to see the grandkids, … Continue reading

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A Good Day To…

It is a cold and wet Sunday, here in Central Florida. It’s a good day to stay inside, have a cup of tea, and read a book I haven’t written yet.

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Two Stories Make One

In my files somewhere I have the beginnings of a story about a man trapped in a dead-end job doing meaningless work who sees the walls of his office melt, revealing another world beyond. I wasn’t terribly satisfied with what … Continue reading

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What Would You Do With The Hanging Man?

I thought of this the other day and can’t seem to get it out of my head. Imagine writing a scene where a character intends to commit suicide. He is emotionally at the end of his rope. He sees no … Continue reading

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Is Anybody Out There?

The worst thing a writer can say is, “Hey, what’s on TV tonight?” The second worst thing a writer can say: is, “I’ll just be on the internet for a minute…” And there it goes, the best intentions for starting … Continue reading

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The Reaction I Hoped For

The weekend following my last post, my wife and I drove over to Largo to see my niece run the mile and 800 meter races in her track meet.  For us that’s like a two and a half hour drive.  … Continue reading

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