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So here’s the thing…

Some physicists who subscribe to the idea of a multiverse, suggest that there may have also been multiple big bangs.  Mightn’t it be possible that from these multiple existences and geneses a certain amount of crossover might have occurred?  This … Continue reading

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Before The Big Bang

Question for today:  What happened before the Big Bang?  Everything must have come from something.  Even God came from something.  What do you think?

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Praying for the right man

Although Eleanor and Robert had pledged their love and set a date to be married, her mother still prayed fervently to God that a good man would come along to marry her.   Unlike her mother,  Eleanor realized that there were … Continue reading

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Words For A Story Not Yet Published

There was a black speck in the sky, and the sun grew bright, like God had come to Earth. Too late they realized that it wasn’t the sun after all.

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The best that God could do?

The reason I believe in extraterrestrial life (in some form) is that I find it too depressing to think that out of all the trillions of planets in all the universes that are, we were the best that God could … Continue reading

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God, Physics, or Both?

God is physics or physics is god, which one is it? The purpose of God is to create everything. The purpose of physics is to explain how everything was created. When God created everything he established immutable laws to govern … Continue reading

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The Last Pope of Antioch

Here’s something I hope you’ll like and will comment on, an excerpt from a novel I’m working on called The Last Pope of Antioch. Be sure to let me know what you think of it.  Thanks! Part One: The Red … Continue reading

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