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Passing The Time With Research

Okay, so what’s the best way for a writer to pass the time when he’s recovering from a second heart surgery, research of course!  And watching the X-Files on Netflix. My current line of inquiry has to deal with the … Continue reading

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So I Had Surgery A Few Days Ago…

So I had surgery a few days ago and my wife heard me in the kitchen. “What are you doing?” she asked. “I was walking to get some exercise and noticed the paper towel holder was empty,” I said, “so … Continue reading

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The Last Pope of Antioch

Here’s something I hope you’ll like and will comment on, an excerpt from a novel I’m working on called The Last Pope of Antioch. Be sure to let me know what you think of it.  Thanks! Part One: The Red … Continue reading

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Read My Stories For Free!

I’ve been looking for a new outlet for my longer, full length stories so I thought I’d give wattpad.com a try. If you haven’t been there, wattpad bills itself as a world of unlimited stories. For the reader, wattpad is … Continue reading

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Man Killed In Chipper Accident

I ran across an article on-line yesterday about a man in Davie, Florida, near Miami, who was pulled through a wood chipper. Not one of the small ones, mind you, but the big industrial kind the professional tree trimmers use. … Continue reading

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Visioning Dystopia, A Mental Exercise

I have a mental exercise I do as I’m driving down the interstate, rather than simply enduring that all too familiar, all too painful, commute. As I drive I look around me―at the landscape, at the other cars and trucks, … Continue reading

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My Wife Won’t Read My Stories!

Although she regularly reads my blog, my wife, Malette, isn’t comfortable with the horror/fantasy genre.  She likes other things.  One of her favorite writers is Johanna Lindsey.  And that’s okay, different strokes for different folks, as they say. But there … Continue reading

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