Passing The Time With Research

Okay, so what’s the best way for a writer to pass the time when he’s recovering from a second heart surgery, research of course!  And watching the X-Files on Netflix.

My current line of inquiry has to deal with the relationship between Theosophists and Nazi Occultism.  The stuff I’ve found–both on the internet and in legitimate academic papers–is a mix of facts, theory, and myth, as you might expect.

For a fiction writer, all this is pure gold waiting to be harvested.  This isn’t a new area for exploration and exploitation by any means.  Thousands of books, movies, graphic novels, and plays have been generated with storylines based on the occult, Nazis, or some combination of both.

Typically the Nazis are evil and the occult aspects are sinister, all very stereotype. The challenge is to work the fantastic into a storyline that isn’t just black and white, good versus evil, and set in a world that is both recognizable and empathetic to the human condition.

I have the shell of the basic story written.  Every time I turn a corner though, I find some other aspect or avenue to explore, something else to give the story depth and a greater sense of reality. 

So now that I  have a few days, which I must see as an opportunity and take advantage of, I will keep researching and pushing ahead with the story.

Are you doing the same?

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So I Had Surgery A Few Days Ago…

So I had surgery a few days ago and my wife heard me in the kitchen.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“I was walking to get some exercise and noticed the paper towel holder was empty,” I said, “so I was replacing them.”
“You’re not supposed to be doing that,” she chastised.
“Alright,” I responded, “then I’m going back to my office to write the great American novel so I can make millions with spin-off movies and soundtracks and fan fiction will appropriate my characters and violate the established canon of their universe.”
And I thought, wouldn’t that be cool!

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“I’m not a writer,” he said, “not a real one.  If I were a real writer I could pour whiskey in one end and shit novels out the other.”  From the diary of Ray Travis.

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“In retrospect,” he said, “I think that Mr. Black Widow got the better part of the deal.”

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Epitaph of the Common Man

He was born.
He accomplished nothing of significance.
He died.

If I have learned nothing else, it is that Thoreau was right.

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Working Title, Part 2

I believe in Jesus,
He led me to you,
But your body’s unfaithful
And your heart is untrue.

I believe in Jesus,
He showed me the light
How I work every day
And your gone every night.

I believe in Jesus,
I don’t mean to complain,
But how can I live
With a life filled with pain?

Mary, oh Mary,
How do you do,
Can we spend a few minutes
Up in your room?

Mary, oh Mary,
Please help with my pain,
Cause I suffer from a love
That’s destroying my brain.

Mary, oh Mary,
God loves you and me,
Won’t you show me how much
While you’re down on your knees.

I believe in Jesus,
He gives me a smile,
Cause I haven’t seen her
For a very long while.

Yes, I buried her body
Just over the hill,
A dangerous thing
Is a love unfulfilled.

Mary, oh Mary,
So kind and so true,
The rest of my days
I’ll spend loving you.

The soldiers have come
To hang me today,
But I’m waiting for Jesus
To take me away.

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Working Title

First verse:
I believe in Jesus
He led me to you,
But your body is unfaithful,
And your heart is untrue.

Second verse:
I need to start bringing my digital voice recorder in the shower with me.
Stand by for updates.

Ideas?  Opinions?  Feedback?

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