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Death without death

“The priests would have you believe have you believe that life is linear, with no deviations or side trips.  Just birth to death to after-life, that’s it, with an eternity of waiting for whatever comes next.  Personally I don’t think … Continue reading

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Anniversary Poem

I wrote this for my wife, Malette, on our thirty-seventh wedding anniversary yesterday. A lasting relationship, as imperfect as it may be, transcends mere love, to form a bond that is stronger, and is linked inevitably to our mutual destiny.

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A Concept And A Cover

Seldom is the concept for a story accompanied by a concept for a cover.  Let me know what you think…  With luck the full story will be finished sometime this summer. The Tangled Man Damien Cole is an ex-cop turned … Continue reading

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Take A Shot, Then Take A Shot. Just That Easy.

An excerpt from Any Tomorrow: The Curse. He buried her that afternoon in the spot she so long ago had chosen for herself.  He fashioned a wooden cross and marked her place.  If the world ever regains its sanity, he … Continue reading

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The Changes Never End

Okay, so I’m planning to publish Any Tomorrow: The Culling, the final novel of the Any Tomorrow Trilogy, in January.  Everything is ready to go.  The problem is that a few weeks ago I started working on what I thought … Continue reading

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Sock Monkey, Crucified

It’s Halloween and I couldn’t let my favorite holiday go by without a post. Nothing eerie, nothing scary, just a little odd. Think about this. Chester Hendricks was not a superstitious man by any standard definition of the word.  He … Continue reading

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