The best that God could do?

The reason I believe in extraterrestrial life (in some form) is that I find it too depressing to think that out of all the trillions of planets in all the universes that are, we were the best that God could do.


About Kevin_Fraleigh

I am a novelist, and much of my writing is predicated on the concept that within each of us is a hole. For some of us, the hole is a divot, shallow and insignificant. But for many of us the hole is a cavern, deep and expansive. We try to fill it with sex or drugs or religion, but the cavern has an insatiable appetite. This is where the dark things live―the things that fill our nightmares. The things that claw at our minds. The things that inspire the stories of horror, madness, and twisted realities. From the depths of that cavern come the seeds of my stories. Won’t you join me in the dark edges of reality? Learn more about me from my blog at You can find my novels at,, and most eBook retailers. You can also read some of my full length short stories at
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3 Responses to The best that God could do?

  1. ben Surbana says:

    When we come to know God, we become the ‘best.’ And if there are other forms of life in the universe, this can add to the Joy we already have in knowing God.

    • But doesn’t it seem strange that God would have created us knowing that Adam and Eve would fail, thus condemning generation after generation to a state in which we have to “become the ‘best'” rather than being created to exist forever in that initial state of grace?

      • ben Surbana says:

        That kind of ‘grace’ may be for the animals– not humans. It is state of unconsciousness that cannot know of God. Humankind has the ability to choose a Life with God by an act of will, whereas animals do not. Many generations have been condemned by their rebellion against God’s Wisdom, not by what Adam and Eve may have done.

        What is strange to me is the fact that God’s healing and transforming grace is available to all but most people are not interested in partaking of it. Hearts of stone are not receptive to God’s love and so the kind of suffering that is self-inflicted, continues.

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