A Concept And A Cover

Seldom is the concept for a story accompanied by a concept for a cover.  Let me know what you think…  With luck the full story will be finished sometime this summer.

The Tangled Man

Damien Cole is an ex-cop turned private investigator. He is a traditionalist―honest, but pragmatic. He owns two suits, both gray with black leather shoes and a navy blue tie. He wears a brown fedora―not because it matches his suit, but because it was his partner’s, the one who took the bullet that was meant for him.

He likes his whiskey neat and his women slightly tarnished. He stays away from commitment and keeps his emotions to himself. He lives alone in a small apartment within walking distance of his office, but he isn’t completely alone. A cat named Ethel lives with him sporadically and doesn’t object to his odd hours or his drinking and smoking.

He smokes cheap off-brand unfiltered cigarettes and refuses to quit. He started smoking because, as a cop, he figured his life would be short so he might as well enjoy it. Now that he’s older he figures that the damage is done, so why give it up. A little shortness of breath and a cough now and then doesn’t slow him down that much. It doesn’t happen all the time and it’s not like he has the “big C”.

His face is clean shaven and his hair is respectably short, a last hold over from his military service. His face is angular―not handsome, but storied, filled with character. It is the kind of face that shows leathery toughness on the verge of vulnerability. His brown eyes are dark and probing, the kind that see through your mask to your soul to reveal your inner truth.

He carries two pistols. He carries a Harry Callahan in a quick release shoulder holster and a 9mm on his ankle. He treats both weapons like they are his children, caring for them better than he does himself. Since he doesn’t ever want his children to go hungry he carries four extra clips. And he needs them because the world he inhabits is dark, angry, and lost.

His world is the city. Beyond it is nothing―or it might as well be. Within it are tall, gray, ugly buildings constricting narrow crowded streets jammed with old, ill-maintained vehicles piloted by dubious men and women intent on survival in world that places little value on property and less on life. Why the city is the way it is doesn’t matter. That it is the way it is does matter. This is Damien Cole’s world. It is depressing and dangerous. It is cold and unforgiving. It is the end and the beginning.

The Tangled Man


About Kevin_Fraleigh

I am a novelist, and much of my writing is predicated on the concept that within each of us is a hole. For some of us, the hole is a divot, shallow and insignificant. But for many of us the hole is a cavern, deep and expansive. We try to fill it with sex or drugs or religion, but the cavern has an insatiable appetite. This is where the dark things live―the things that fill our nightmares. The things that claw at our minds. The things that inspire the stories of horror, madness, and twisted realities. From the depths of that cavern come the seeds of my stories. Won’t you join me in the dark edges of reality? Learn more about me from my blog at anytomorrow.wordpress.com. You can find my novels at amazon.com, smashwords.com, and most eBook retailers. You can also read some of my full length short stories at http://www.wattpad.com/user/Kevin_Fraleigh
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One Response to A Concept And A Cover

  1. 1WriteWay says:

    Stories like this are my guilty pleasure. I like both the concept and the cover 😉

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